Things to do in Kasol

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3.6 KM Bus

Manikaran Sahib

The word Manikaran (in Hindi) comprises two words – mani (gem) and karn (ear). So, it means a gem that is worn in the ear-ring. Goddess Parvati used to wear the gem before it fell into the river (known as parvati; named after her name). Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati used to stay where the temple is situated.

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1.7 KM Walk

Village Choj

Choj, a beautiful yet small village in the neighborhood of kasol in the state of Himachal Pradesh, has it’s own rituals and customs followed by the locals there. In my vision, this village tops in the list of places to stay near kasol, because of its view and stay options.

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20.1 KM Bus, Trek/Cab

Tosh Village

Tosh is situated on top of the hill amid huge mountains guarding it from all the sides. The characteristic smell of hashish is what will welcome you in Tosh. You might find yourself the only outsiders amongst the locals but wait till you start spotting Australians,French and Israelis popping out from all the directions. It is lovely waking up to the pristine snow covered peaks, on every side your head turns.

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2.4 KM Trek

Rasol Village

Rasol is one of the most unexplored and beautiful village in Parvati valley. Don’t confuse this village with Kasol because its not the same. Rasol village lies at an altitude of 8000 feet above the sea level with not more than 150 houses.So if you are planning a trip to Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh then this village should always be on your wish list.

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8 km Trek

Grahan Village

Grahan village is the most charming in the months of mid-April to December to explore. Grahan is around 8 km from Kasol in the Parvati valley. The trek starts from close to the bridge in Kasol.The village is located north of the Hippie town of Kasol in Himachal Pradesh. The village of Grahan is situated at an altitude of around 7,700 feet above sea level .

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